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GSA Contract #: GS-10F-0346S


     Energy Engineering & Consulting Services, LLC (EECS) is an engineering company that specializes in identifying low cost opportunities for increasing energy efficiency and savings in all types of facilities. The goal of EECS is to assist our clients in lowering their overall utility usage and operational costs by optimizing the performance of their existing systems. Improving the efficiency of the existing equipment and system has the greatest return on investment with the lowest capital cost.

     EECS conducts an in-depth engineering analysis of the system's performance to identify the opportunities for energy savings. This analysis is a thorough evaluation of the various load parameters, field tests, and data collected to determine the system's efficiency and reliability. This analysis is used to develop a load profile of the system's performance under different loads. This evaluation identifies inefficiencies in the equipment and the system's performance. Strategies are developed to correct inefficiencies within the existing system. This allows for the greatest savings with the lowest capital investment.

     Energy Engineering and Consulting Services, LLC developed an energy management program over several years with substantial energy savings for one of our large manufacturing clients. This client realized $1,273,000 in electrical energy savings and $591,000 in natural gas savings. This level of savings was realized over a two-year time period. Other customers have gained savings on individual projects ranging from $15,000 to $200,000 per year. One of our latest GSA projects identified energy savings for one facility in excess of $195,000 per year with a simple payback of well under one year. Many of our customers are able to realize immediate savings from our introductory analysis.

     We develop on-going energy efficiency programs and short-range projects that have shown substantial energy savings in facilities ranging in size from 20,000 to 3,500,000 square feet. Energy Engineering and Consulting Services, LLC has worked successfully in acquiring energy savings for manufacturing facilities, hospitals, commercial buildings, and federal government facilities. EECS is a veteran-owned small business. Energy Engineering and Consulting Services, LLC is a certified HubZone company and holds a GSA contract--GS-10F-0346S

Energy Engineering & Consulting Services, LLC